GSM IP MODEMs and SWITCHING MODEMS are provided as part of MARS and MARS Retail solutions. They communicate with PC / TABLET over a 100 M bits Ethernet LAN network through Switch/Router providing high speed and ease of connection. They are equipped with an LCD display for installation and diagnosis, easy to operate SIM holders, Network status Indication and voice interface. These devices are the work horses behind the powerful performance of MARS

Apart from the regular features of GSM IP modem switching modems switch from one SIM to another based on a preset parameter in software based on SMS count or value of recharge saving time and money. Each switching modem box is equipped with 4 ports and each port is connected to 8 SIMS. Ports will start working with the first SIM and switch to the next SIM when entered quota for the first SIM is completed. Daily quota will be loaded automatically and can be changed and monitored through MARS. Switching from one SIM to another happens automatically