MARS is a prepaid recharge aggregation platform that has redefined prepaid Mobile and DTH recharge distribution. It accepts requests through SMS, GTALK, GPRS (JAVA / ANDROID), ONLINE, WEBSITE and completes recharge through LAPU SIMS, GTALK or APIs.
Multitasking architecture coupled with high performance IP modems and switching modems manufactured by us makes the performance of MARS unparalleled. An eight port system of MARS turns in more performance then a 32 port system of the competition. A robust and reliable platform that runs 24 x 7 and has kept pace with the growing and challenging demands of telecom business and regulations. With complete responsibility for hardware and software and quality support MARS has been a source of confidence for its customers to grow their business and extend their reach.
MARS USER PANEL is a FREE SOFTWARE for VIEWING REPORTS AND ATTENDING TO CUSTOMER QUERIES. It can be installed on the same computer or any computer connected to the MARS system through LAN.
In a country like India where acquiring a landline telephone connection was a gigantic task 20 years back, the situation has been totally inverted by the telecommunication revolution started in 1995. Today almost every Indian has got a mobile phone connection. With the drop in calling rates, it becomes one of the most affordable modes of communication. Statistics reveals that out of the total mobile penetration, the lion’s share goes to the prepaid business. It is a convenient and affordable product.

Prepaid mobile connection gains popularity because of multiple reasons. It is very easy and convenient to activate. It gives a flexibility of controlling expenses. It is useful for those who use mobile seldom and do not want to spend extravagantly on the mobile bill. Various discount offers or double talk time schemes make it further lucrative. With the phenomenal increase in the prepaid mobile business, recharge business has also grown manifold. It is one of the promising businesses today.

As there are multiple mobile operators in every circle, retailers and distributors find it cumbersome to maintain multiple handsets for recharging. With the advancement in technology, there are smart systems like Multi Recharge that gives the liberty of charging multiple mobile operators, landline operators, DTH and even utility bills using a multi-purpose recharging module. As mobile penetration further increases in India, there is a great need for fast and efficient recharging systems.
It is a great business opportunity for retailers

Since a majority of prepaid consumers are from rural areas where literacy rates are low, prepaid retailers find difficulty in managing multiple recharge SIM cards. There is always a probability of error that results in a monetary loss. Multi Recharge makes the recharging process easy and convenient for retailers. With this new-age smart system, they can add new dimensions to the business. There are multiple advantages of it:

  • It is a combination of the Internet and mobile network that offers 24x7 access to the recharge module.
  • It is easy, fast and convenient.
  • It makes tracking and recharge accounting easy.
  • The refund process is convenient and efficient.
  • One interface for recharging multiple operators and multiple businesses like Voice, Data, Apps, and DTH.
  • Recharge using credit and debit cards and Net Banking.
  • Special offers, discount coupons, and bonus recharges.
  • Integration of various utility systems makes it versatile and multi-tasking.

A Multi Recharge SIM uses a single SIM card. Hence, retailers don’t need to keep multiple cards for recharging. It is a combination of online and mobile technology to bring reliable and safe recharging mechanism. There is a user interface that is easy and user-friendly. Distributors can generate multiple reports for determining the accountability of each retailer. Since the software works on the Internet, it can be used from a computer or any handheld device. Thus, it enhances the business prospects for retailers. They can do recharge business anytime and anywhere. With the advancement of the Internet technology, better and faster connectivity is available. It makes the use of Multi Recharge system further suitable.