MARS (Mobile Automatic Recharge System) RETAIL for retail outlets automates recharge processes, tracks responses and provides comprehensive reports. With years of experience in providing automation solutions and pioneering work in prepaid recharge market, Gradient Networks brings to you a solution that saves time, reduces cost and increases efficiency. With no frequent replacement of phones, reduced manpower and elimination of revenue leakage, the product pays for itself in a few months. It helps you attend to more customers in lesser amount of time.

MARS RETAIL consists of a Desktop App running on Windows or an Android APP running on a 7 inch tablet, Modems, Customer Keyboard and an optional Battery charger.

All in one recharge is a revolutionary way of recharging mobile equipment of all types. Since it works in conjunction with online software, users find it incredibly easy and convenient. It is an SMS driven system that doesn’t need extensive user training.
It has changed the face of recharge industry. Gone are those days when retailers carried 10 different phones for 10 different recharges. It was very unwieldy and tiresome method. They have to carry multiple chargers. Managing these many phones during the peak business hours is incredibly difficult. Buying 10 or more handsets need a big investment. This economical and quick system enables them to recharge mobiles phones, DTH connections, data cards and even utility bills from a single SIM. There is no need of keeping multiple handsets. Hence, there are no hassles.

Working mechanism of All in One Recharge
It is an integration of two important technologies of the modern times, the mobile communication, and the Internet. A virtual number accepts request submitted by the retailer. It goes to the central server via the virtual number. The application residing on the server validates the request status and executes it based on the business logic configured. Software pushes the response to SMS Gateway that sends it to the user’s mobile.
Since it is a single-window application for all varieties of recharges, retailers and channel partners like it very much. It is a business booster for them. Since a single source takes care of all deductions, they are not required to keep individual balances and their accounting.

How does it benefit all stakeholders?
All in One Recharge is viewed by all stakeholders differently. However, all of them agree that it takes the business up to new heights, and it is unbelievably convenient and safe.
From customer’s perspective, it is a single point solution for a diversified array of recharges. They can use the effective network of distributors and retailers and select any option from the list of recharges. It gives a consolidated list of all service providers or operators, all valid recharges, and the latest promotions and discount offers. Customers can look at the combo offers or special talk time on specific vouchers. Thus, it is a customer-friendly solution with a lot of surprises.
From retailer’s angle, nothing can be more convenient than this. With the state-of-the-art customizable front end, they can configure it in the way they want to. Since they need to manage only one interface, there is a significant drop in the downtime. They get fast and hassle-free recharging mechanism that increases productivity.
For the uppermost layer of distributors, it is cool software that brings immense control over retailers and Point of Sales. Managing daily operations becomes quite easy, and there is a complete transparency in the business. Excellent monitoring system and analytical reports give them a superb control over the business.
With the increasing volume of recharges, business owners are forced to look for a multi-purpose efficient tool like All in one recharge. With an excellent integration of mobile and online technology, it is the new-age way of increasing business profitability.